Ancient Scent


Since Winter 2015/6, I have been attending workshops responding to the life and work of Ithell Colquhoun: a surrealist artist, writer and occultist working in Cornwall in the mid-twentieth century. Using sculpture, photography and primarily sound, this body of work not only responds to Colquhoun’s creative output and divinatory practices, but to the experience of working with a diverse group of artists, writers and magical practitioners, and forming a temporary community with them. 

The most developed work within this project is ‘Stones that whisper, stones that dance, stones that march as an army’, a collaborative sound piece  investigating walking, mythogeography and archaeoacoustics in megalithic sites. Field recordings of the centre of stone circles have been distributed to collaborators (including folklorists, artists, musicians, writers and architects), who have been invited to make an aural response to the sounds, histories and energies of these sites. Contributors include: Champy Bennet, Kathryn Mackrory, Daniel Maxwell Pooley, Oddstep Deployment Unit, Steve Patterson, Neil Rose, Rhythmic Desire Lab, and Oliver Sutherland.

This is an ongoing body of work.